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WATU moja

One People


Diaspora Stories (CLOSED)

Discover the power of storytelling with Watu Moja's Fellowship - Diaspora Stories. This unique opportunity invites writers, filmmakers, poets, and artists from all backgrounds to explore their connection with the global Afrikan family through story. Share your story and be part of a vibrant community of creatives. Don't miss out on this chance to showcase your talent. Grants up to $1,200 will be awarded three fellows. 

EBAN: Sense of Place Art Exhibition Recap. 

Watu Moja in partnership with Camden Fireworks presents EBAN: An authentic view of the city of Camden through the eyes of 12 dynamic Camden creators. 


Watu Moja 

Watu Moja seeks to connect African American and Afro Latino youths to the people and cultures of the global Afrikan community; cultures both within the Afrikan continent and throughout the Afrikan Diaspora.

Watu MOja x WHYY 

The Watu Moja crew caught up with WHYY to talk about activism, art, Black Lives Matter and more. Special thanks to WHYY and NPR for giving us the opportunity. Click the link below to read the full article.

Watu Moja Advancing Social Justice in Camden 

- Creating leaders Through local And GLOBAL services -  

meet the team

Watu Moja's leadership is an invaluable and extraordinary collective of young professionals ranging from grassroots activists, graphic designers, teachers, storytellers, and intellectuals.  The Watu Moja crew has built a tribe over the years that has formed in us a gift and a heart to serve the world around us. Get to know us as we would love to get to know you. 

president - Ayinde Merrill

Ayinde serves as the President Watu Moja. As a graduate from Rutgers Camden with a degree in Africana Studies he loves studying different schools of Black thought. Dedicated to the empowerment of Black and Brown people,...

Camille Wilson

As a Sociology and Journalism Grad, Camille applies her love of writing and cultural exchange to managing and editing Watu Moja’s blog. When she’s not writing....

Amadi Merrill

A Camden city native Amadi currently serves as the treasurer of Watu Moja. A graduate from Chestnut Hill College with a degree in Psychology, she has passion to promote mental health awareness within the black and brown community....

reet Starwind

Graduate of Rutgers University - Camden in the field of Digital Media & Society, Reet serves as Watu Moja's Creative Director. An art lover of all forms, from poetry to graphic design....


Rev. Timothy Merrill 

Rev. Tim Merrill is a Fellow at the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative. He has served the young people of his native City, Camden, New Jersey, for over 40 years. In his work there, he has served as an education advocate, a youth and young adult leadership development specialist, counsellor, mentor, faith leader, and has worked with members of the city’s criminal youth underworld to develop and encourage avenues for them to leave the world of criminality and pursue productive lifestyles. 



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