The Name


Watu Moja is a Swahili phrase meaning “One People.” The name captures the aim of connecting African American and Afro Latino youths to the people and cultures of the global Afrikan community, found both within the Afrikan continent and throughout the worldwide Afrikan Diaspora. Together, through conversations, shared experiences, and serving together, they will discover their commonness and will form relationships of mutual love, encouragement, and investment. It is the aim of Watu Moja to spiritually enliven young people and to help them discover the true message and meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As young people learn, connect, serve, and reflect, our hope is that they will develop a Christian worldview that considers the fullness of God’s creative expression and the mission of Kingdom building throughout the global community.


What is Watu Moja?

Young Leaders With Vision 

​Watu Moja is a global cultural exchange movement created by the young people of the Asbury United Methodist Church in Woodlynne, New Jersey. This determined group of young leaders initiated the movement as a way of carrying out their vision to reach out among the global community in order to foster better understanding and to build pathways to develing mutually supportive peaceful relationship among people of Afrikan descent. 

One People 

Watu Moja is a Swahili phrase meaning One People. As the name suggests, we endeavor to establish a movement where people of Afrikan descent find creative ways to connect, understand, and invest in each other. Watu Moja takes young people through a year long process of learning about the various cultures of the Afrikan Diaspora. The process culminates with a trip to one of the nations within the Afrikan Community. 


​Watu Moja holds as a value the reality that the people of the Afrikan Diaspora must continue to develop strategies for mutual support and investment. No matter which side of the waters one may live, opportunities exist to share and receive from the vast wealth of history, heritage, knowledge, and wisdom that represents our shared ancestry. From the perspective of the Afrikan American and Afro Latino youth living in the United States, there is a special interest in investing in certain areas concerning sustainable development, access to health care, and the eradication of poverty.

The Maisha Project:

Maisha is Swahili for "life." This initiative focuses on improving the health and welfare of Afrikan women - the life givers. Through supporting existing women's health initiatives and through investing in women run micro-enterprises, Watu Moja seeks to assist Afrikan women in building stronger, healthier, and more prosperous lives and families.

The Kenyan Recreation Initiative:


Watu Moja really loves kids and seeks to improve their lives in every way possible. We also believe in good clean fun. Therefore we are committed to creating and improving recreation facilities in every nation we visit. This year’s recreation project involves erecting basketball courts in a neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya.



Access to Clean Drinking Water:


Lack of access to clean drinking water represents a major hurdle in maintaining good health in much of Afrika. Watu Moja will invest in local Afrikan efforts which deliver clean water to households and individuals. In addition to this direct investment, Watu Moja participants will familiarize themselves on the issues of delivery of clean water and will advocate for effective systems regarding this basic human necessity.

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