We Need Your Help to Provide  Water Collection Systems for Afrikan Families.


Watu Moja's First Water Efforts are a

Complete Success! 

Coin drives, cookie sales, benefit concerts, and soliciting donations all helped us to deliver on the promise of clean water for the people of Gahtanga. Thanks to some hard work and generous support, Watu Moja was able to purchase and install two extra-large capacity water tanks in this village, a few hours’ drive outside Nairobi. The tanks will supply clean water for families within a 2.5 kilometer radius of their locations. These versatile tanks are connected to a gutter system that collects rainwater from roofs during the rainy season. They can also be filled via water trucks during the dry season. Either method, they reduce water collection from a 24 hour process to a matter of a few minutes for local families.


We know the good clean water from the tanks will be a blessing to the people of Gathanga. We were also very blessed to be able to show our love for our sisters and brothers there and to enjoy the fellowship and great hospitality they extended to us.   

For Us, A Refreshing Yet Tasteless and Boring Beverage. For Others, A Daily Life and Death Struggle.

  • Watu Moja