Lift A Glass for Kenya

The beautiful people of Gathanga are praying for rain. Like much of Kenya, they are in the midst of a prolonged drought. They are forced to stand in long lines for the modest portions of water available at one of the area's few wells.


The young leaders of Watu Moja are on a mission to help Kenyan families gain access to clean water. This effort includes developing wells in places like Gathanga.


We are asking you to help by being conscious of the water you drink and by thinking about the people of Gathanga each time you lift a glass of good clean H20.


Health guidelines suggest men should drink 13 cups of water a day and women 9 cups. How about donating a $1 for every cup of water you would drink on an average day. We know your drinking habits will help the people of Gathanga and we hope this will improve your health as well.


Let's all Lift a Glass for Gathanga.

  • Watu Moja